Conferences and events deserve professional photography. Too many times have I seen a journal or online article promoting an upcoming events with pictures taken on a mobile or from an enthusiastic amateur who has a DSLR. Poor focusing and composing, incorrect white-balance and often very grainy images are the result. This does not make the event and the organisers look professional and casts doubt on the quality of the whole thing.

Professional images, which needn't be expensive, can be used for promotional emails, newsletters, adverts, flyers etc not to mention an online gallery for delegates and speakers to share after the event. 

I attend both small (200 delegates) and large (4000+ delegates) conferences and events throughout the UK and internationally for many well known organisations, mostly for the medical and dental sectors but a few others as well. I make sure to capture everything from the registration process, delegates interacting with one another, the speakers, the venue itself, the exhibitors and their props as well as the evening activities. The images are all individually processed and then supplied via an online gallery as soon as possible after the event has ended so that the momentum and excitement from the event is maintained.


Half-day (4 hours): £200
Full-day (8 hours): £300
Additional hours: £30 per hour

A 10% discount can be obtained for two day bookings and a 20% for three or more days. Please enquire for an exact quotation.

All prices include ALL of the images supplied in high-resolution digital format, copyright free, supplied via an online gallery sorted into categories (speakers, delegates etc). This can be shared with delegates if you wish.

The price includes travel within a 30-mile radius of Bathgate, Scotland. Travel and accommodation outside of this area will be calculated and added to the price.

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