Weddings & Portraits bundle


Weddings & Portraits bundle


The complete wedding & portrait bundle. This includes 26 Lightroom presets to make your wedding, engagement or portrait session images look professional and amazing!

Capturing an image is only half the story. ALL professional images you see will have been processed in some manner and that's part of the skill of the photographer. I've made it easier for you to produce professional looking images with just a few mouse clicks.

This is not just a collection of random presets. They have all been carefully crafted to produce stunning, useable images. These are the presets I use on a daily basis when editing my photos and have been used to generate a lot of them seen on this site. The images produced from these presets get me more clients when they see the results.

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These are the presets included in this bundle:

  • Photo Pop

  • Gritty Black & White
  • High-Key Black & White
  • 1970s Cool
  • Added Sunlight
  • Black & White Man
  • Chocolate
  • Crisp Black & White
  • Slight Vintage
  • Sun Flare Left
  • Sun Flare Right
  • Trendy Split Tone
  • Vintage
  • Warm Light
  • Wedding
  • Modern Portrait
  • Subtle Split Tone
  • Split-Tone Black & White
  • Elegant Black & white
  • Golden Hour
  • Grunge
  • Light Cream
  • Majestic Black & White
  • Old School
  • Outdoor Warm Up
  • Retro

Watch a short video showing the presets in action.

See the difference between the original image and the final edited versions.